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Saturday May 20th 2017

Manchester Cadaveric Hindfoot Course 2017

Saturday 20th May 2017

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Cadaveric Hindfoot Course

This course is held in a state of the art facility at Manchester Medical School. Surgical teaching takes place with fresh frozen cadavers, which have not been embalmed. The tissues handle normally, and it is akin to operating on a tourniqueted limb. Sessions include arthroscopy, approaches to hindfoot joints, fixation of hindfoot fusions and popliteal blocks. The course attracts very positive feedback from participants. The faculty are all dedicated foot and ankle surgeons, who have been chosen for their passion for teaching and their approachability. There is a high faculty to participant ratio.


The course costs £250. This is highly subsidised and includes lunch and refreshments.

Cadaveric Hindfoot Course
Cadaveric Hindfoot Course
Sample Course Material

Sample Course Material

Cadaveric Hindfoot Course
Cadaveric Hindfoot Course

Allied Health Professionals

If you are attending the hindfoot course as an observer, please click on the payment button on the right in order to make your contribution.

The fee for the allied health professionals is purely to cover catering and admin costs. The course is run under the umbrella of our charity Orthocycle, which has the aims of furthering education in the field of health both in the UK and abroad. No individual benefits financially from the running of the course, and the faculty all provide their time for free.

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