Who runs Orthocycle?

Orthocycle is a small charity run by volunteers.

Orthocycle is headed by a team of health professionals working towards a common aim. All have experience of working abroad, and feel that their practice has been enhanced by this.


These instruments are considered archaic in the UK, but are a reliable sterilisable valuable asset in less developed countries.

Where did Orthocycle begin?

The Orthocycle team work in the NHS full time, as well as their commitment to Orthocycle.

They noticed the increasing trend in hospitals towards single use devices that are often discarded for the reasons of hygiene, infection control or use-by dates. To counter this waste of resources, they set up the Orthocycle charity.

Orthocycle has received help from the companies involved in manufacturing orthopaedic equipment, who wish to help with the provision of services in less developed countries, or who are interested in promoting education in the area of orthopaedic surgery.


What is the scope of Orthocycle?

Although Orthocycle has been set up to recycle medical appliances and equipment, this is just the start of what we want to be able to achieve.

We also want to help local health professionals in less developed countries set up services to help patients thater who may not have access to orthopaedic or fracture treatment, operations, orthotics or nursing care.

We want to work with local people and their governments to provide training and support to establish more reliable local medical services.

amer shoaib, consultant orthopaedic limb reconstruction and foot and ankle surgeon

amer shoaib, consultant orthopaedic limb reconstruction and foot and ankle surgeon

Carol-Ann McArdle, Old Age Psychiatrist

Carol-Ann McArdle, Old Age Psychiatrist